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Well, we are all guilty of complaining or having something to say about someone, but how often do we confront them. Too many people hide in the shadows, ready to shoot their poisonous darts at the innocent victim and think that this somehow justifies their belief of entitlement. A private message here, a snide remark on another’s wall there, a seed of poison planted to another by gossip,  thinking they can justify their cruel venomous lies into becoming a reality. Just because you tell a lie often enough, it doesn’t make it the truth. It still is a lie no matter how many times or ways you try to present it or spin it. 

These lies tend to change and increase in intensity if the deliverer of doom, can not get some sort of satisfaction from their inabilities to discuss maturely to that person about it. There are only two things people like this are trying to gain by it. They either are genuinely craving your attention, feel bad by the hole they have dug themselves into yet refuse to admit they are in one so they lash out or secondly, they are so brainwashed by the extremely evil people they have surrounded themselves with that they can’t see the truth anymore. Beware of those who convince you to cut off those who will give you an objective view on life. Once you only can hear one side of a story, you are trapped in a steady decline of losing yourself forever. Be careful of drinking the Kool Aid just because you are thirsty. Your first instincts were usually right, yet you allow this blind influence to take over because of your immature infatuation. Only trying to gain justification for their actions so they can paralyze their own pain they cause to others.

The hardest thing in life is to remove yourself from it, look at it from a distance objectively and evaluate what you are doing, who you have become and what your actions prove to others. We are at war with time and I hate to be the bearer of bad news , but Time wins the war every time! When you intentionally reach out to damage others you actually damage yourself more because you allow the ugliness, the pure evil to run your life. It will effect your every move everyday and filter down to your friends and family and teach your kids false information that will cause them to live their life very incomplete. It is a disservice to ones parenting to allow their children to suckle from the breast of a maleficent mother’s milk. 

The most inspirational thing through all this is that you will discover in time, who are your real friends and family. The parasitic vermin in your life will die off because you choose to not allow it to feed off your good nature anymore. The nutrients of an unconditional love being given to those who are willing to feed from it in hopes to gain strength, truth and clarity in their own life. Treat others in a way that you too would only want to be treated. Call it reaping what you sew, getting what you deserve or Karma, but the reactions will fit and respond to your actions.
Be kind and pay it forward or bury yourself in the hole which you are trying to dig for another.


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Gary David Miller
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I have always had an unconditional love for nature and those with a true heart. Everyone wants to feel important, yet many forget to respect others and I believe that it is important that through observing we can make many things important in life. So many people are self absorbed , self centered that they can't see past themselves. My goal in life is to help everyone see past their own self and see the whole picture, that we all matter and each and everyone of us help make up this picture of life we try to capture.We need each other as much as God created us out of love. Forgiveness is only achieved when you can release your heart so that the soul can heal, not for just yourself ,but for the other parties as well.

Art of all forms allows us to share a little bit of our inner selves, as well as expose our outer selves to those that want to see. Enjoy the moments I have so much enjoyed and I look forward to experiencing my fellow artists moments too!

Photo credit above to Michael Fergusen who took this of me in November 2012


Sep 21, 2014
4:44 am
Sep 21, 2014
12:24 am
Sep 21, 2014
12:22 am
Sep 20, 2014
11:54 pm
Sep 17, 2014
1:26 pm


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